If a pioneer
is a person or a collective
the first people to do something
then Minimüzikhol is ;
nightlife and electronic music pioneer of Istanbul,Turkey.

Since 1995,

the team behind Minimüzikhol ( GODET / GODETDISKO ) has been the underground stalwart for electronic music and has played a formative role on putting Istanbul’s electronic scene on the world map.

Minimüzikhol, as hinted by it’s name-

is a secret getaway at the heart of the city with a capacity for 150 people, consistently delivering memorable nights by concentrating on whats important;

the music.

There are not many long-standing locations in Istanbul that has created their own identities and shaped their audience, forming the culture, making Mini the longest

standing underground club in Istanbul.



We want to keep providing independent coverage of electronic music from Istanbul and around the world.

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