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save the nıght

The year 2020 ;

left all of us feeling and overwhelming sense of despair and disbelief. 

We honestly cannot recall a time this turbulent for the music community in all respects. 


The world moves ahead with plans to reopen their economies, there is positivity and progress in sight for some.

However, for others like ourselves closed for a whole year, that isn’t quite the case as of yet.

We decided to do what we do best - music ! & harness our passion to inspire hope and solidarity.

There can be no future without culture…

It is through culture that we will forge our collective resilience and it is culture that will bring us closer together. 

Calling on the strong community of electronic music, Minimüzikhol announces a benefit compilation album demonstrating the power of music to inspire global solidarity.

The track list is indicative of the sheer volume of global support still emanating from electronic music community.  

 The benefit compilation features

exclusive cuts from : 


We want to keep providing independent coverage of electronic music from Istanbul and around the world.

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